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Founder and CEO

Giving Grace is Sarah's brain child, and we wouldn't be here without her vision, drive, and compassion! She and her husband keep pretty busy raising their two teenagers, Kayleigh (19), and Tyler (17). She also works as a Project Manager at Adventist Health, so she obviously has a lot of patience and understanding! Her hobbies include binge watching crime shows, taking naps on her couch, and watching Tyler play Volleyball.

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Co-Founder and CFO

Nicole Salazar-King (or Nikki) is one of the Co-Founders of Giving Grace, and she's also CFO and one of our Social Media Managers. A Customer Support Tech for SkySlope, she's a former High School teacher and a current full-time Mom! She writes and bakes in her spare time, also plays video games with her husband. But her favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch with Elijah (5) and Lily (2)!

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Board Member and Secretary

Christi is the Secretary of Giving Grace. She is a full-time wig & hair educator and consultant, a YouTube wig reviewer, home school mom, sports mom, and blessed wife. An avid car singer and meme collector, she keeps the GG team in high spirits!

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Board Member

Bethany is our legal drug dealer (AKA pharmacist), giggle generator, and Bingo Nite Orchestrator. Mom to Mason and Caleb, she enjoys watching her boys play football, vacationing in Hawaii, and scrimmaging with her high school basketball team!

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Board Member

Shannon is a Pharmacy Technician at Adventist Health. She has 2 kids, Brielle and Kaden, who play every sport imaginable, and Shannon manages every one of those sports! She's our Fundraising Queen- selling more candles and getting more auction items donated than anyone else!

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