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Pumpkin Rolls, Just Like Heather Used to Make

November 8th, 2020 marks 2 years since Heather and her husband, Kelly, were killed. It was a loss that rocked all of us at Giving Grace. Heather was our sister, cousin, and co-founder. She is an incalculable loss to our organization and to our lives.

This year, to honor Heather and the ways she used to serve her community and her family, we decided to do a tutorial teaching you how to make Pumpkin Rolls.

Heather's pumpkin rolls is an iconic dessert, but a deceptively simple one. Easy to make in multiples, it freezes for up to a month and is great for holiday parties.

Heather learned to make pumpkin rolls in high school, and she made them every year for Thanksgiving. She taught Nikki to make them, and now Nikki continues the tradition.

In the video below, Nikki shows how to make a pumpkin roll just the way Heather did and using Heather's recipe.

For the month of November, all candle orders will have a copy of Heather's Pumpkin Roll recipe in the delivery bag!

We hope you enjoy the video, and let us know how your pumpkin roll turns out!


For the recipe, go here

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